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Staff Required

We are looking to grow a little in 2018 and to do that we need a little help!

If you would like to become a member of staff send me Airmail (if you're a member) or Message us on Facebook, or email me at dave@easternairwaysvirtual.co.uk.

Cheers, Dave CEO.

Posted on 01/13/2018

E170 Charter

Added a G-CIXW E170 Charter from Birmingham with positioning flight to and from Humberside.

EZE9609P- EZE9608 - EZE9609 - EZE9609P



Posted on 02/07/2017


Well we have made it to another year!

Big welcome to our new Op's Manager Kim Ruben Fjeldstad whos been busy adding new fleet and flights!

Hopefully have a new website coming soon, just need to find someone who has a basic grasp of php to finish it :)

Well thanks to members old and new, blue skies!

Dave Hardy.

Posted on 01/06/2017

NEWS 2016!

Hi folks if theres anyone out there! :)

New site/system is being finished off and we are looking for a Feb launch!

Current operations on PHPVMS here will shut down here and a new front page will be launched today.

The forums will stay open for support, we hope to migrate the active users over to the new system but if you find your account didn't move you will have to re-register and I will link any hours you did here with the new account.

Its been a long road but we are nearly there, we do all this for fun in our spare time so its a slow and bumpy road :)

Any questions please feel free to ask me at dave@easternairwaysvirtual.co.uk

Regards, Dave.

Posted on 01/31/2016